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Nevada Bond Assessment Details

The Nevada DETR has released the attached document providing details on the upcoming bond repayment assessments.  The new law (NRS 612.6102-612.6134) requires an additional quarterly bond contribution to be made by employers until the bonds, issued by Nevada to retire federal loans for UI benefits, are fully repaid in late 2017 or early 2018. The first reports and payments are due on April 30, 2014.
Bond assessment rates ("Bond Factors") will range from .16% (.0016) to .89% (.0089) and are based on each employer's Unemployment Experience Rating. In other words, a high unemployment tax rate will correspond with a higher Bond Factor.
QTS will be collecting and remitting these payments for all clients who we currently deposit and file Nevada Unemployment taxes.  Please be sure to forward any notices you receive from the DETR so we can update your Bond Factor.

Contact: Jim Ritter (jim.ritter@qtspayroll.com)

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